Warranty on safety gates is 2 years, provided it is properly installed, without having damaged it, and under normal use.

This guarantee is therefore not due to misuse, abuse, misuse, excessive wear and tear, improper installation, neglect, environmental exposure, alteration or accident.

A safety gate is a safety matter, so if there’s an issue we would judge it first, take it back, replace it and/or send replacement parts during the warranty period.

This is because it’s not possible to know how the gate has been used previously and whether it has been damaged. We also can’t be sure that this safety gate will come with all the right parts. You should never use a safety gate that has parts missing or is damaged. 

If parts for my safety gate are missing, we’re sorry, but please contact us within 24 hours after you have purchased via Send us pictures of the missing parts of damaged gate, so we can judge immediately.

Our safety gates have been tested to EN1930 : 2011. You’ll find the details on the product or the box. Always read any safety warnings and make sure you fit the gate correctly.

Safety gates won’t guarantee that your child is safe in the home, but they help reduce potential dangers if they’re used correctly.

Parents are always responsible for their children, so:

-       read the instruction manual and make sure the safety gate is correctly installed 

-       check the safety gate regularly and replace it if it gets damaged

-       be careful when opening or closing the gate, do not trap children’s limbs or hands

-       always lock your safety gate tightly

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